Pignolia Suites

Our Story

It all began 37 years ago with the energy of a kind and special personality, my father, Manolis Stamatakis.

When you live in such a special place for so many years you have already discovered its beauty, its secrets and the spots that inspire you. All you need to do is bond with them and grow your roots. Manolis, admired and bonded with Agia Foria, its beautiful sea, its pine trees, the wild rocks and with no second thoughts he created the 8 residences of Agia Fotia. His aim was to be able to enjoy the calmness and serenity of this place with his family and friends and share the naturel beauty that he adored.

My childhood memories of my Summer vacation are all placed here, hidden in the roots of the pine tree that was planted the day I was born, memories of family joy and happiness with my father sitting every afternoon at the balcony, admiring the sea, drinking raki and calling with open hands the people that stayed here to join him. Many years after, in the same, untouched beauty and with the same will to share, always inspired by my dad, I wish to revive the aura of the Agia Fotia houses, not only to continue my father’s vision but to also evolve and extend the hospitality of Pignolia Suites.

Welcome and enjoy,

Maria Stamataki

The idea.

Pinus pinea - the pine tree we see in the South of Europe. It has been cultivated for its seeds (Pignolia seeds) since the ancient times. In a steep slope full of these ancient pine trees you can see the beauty of Pignolia Suites Crete. An idea that was inspired by the wild and magic landscape of South Crete and specifically the village of Agia Fotia, in Ierapetra, Lassithi. Our name symbolizes the seed of our effort, our family ties and calmness of nature. Like the unique pine seed is valuable and nutritious, in the same way we wish to provide a unique and special experience to all who choose to enjoy the hospitality of Pignolia Suites.

Our expectation:

Our expectation is to unite in harmony the beauty of Mother Nature, the special energy of our land in the South of Crete with the comfort and calmness of our unique suites.

Our hope is to be able to convey the warmth of authentic Cretan hospitality like a seed flows through the wind and grows in other places.

Our Promise:

Our promise and desire is to invite our guests to live with all their senses the unique experience of Pignolia Suites by discovering and feeling this place. To see the “marriage” of sea with the mountain, to hear the birds singing and the wind blowing & to smell the scent of the pine trees. To taste the goodies of the Cretan land, to experience the Cretan hospitality and to feel the calmness and warmth that this place and the people of Pignolia have to offer.

We believe that while you stay in Pignolia suites you will have the chance to return to a life well lived. Where traditional luxury meets unregulated freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself. Arrive with an open heart and leave changed forever. This is vacation with a purpose. A destination with meaning and experience.

Our Gift:

In every Suite you will find a little bag with pine seeds. This is our farewell gift to you and a way, not only to be the ambassador of the values of the Cretan hospitality, but also to convey the message of beauty and meaning of the Pine tree in the rest of the world.




Pignolia Suites Facilities

Pignolia Suites Facilities