Pignolia Suites

The Suites

On a wild slope with endless views to the bay of Agia Fotia and the sea you will find Pignolia Suites in total harmony with the surrounding nature. With respect to the pine tree forest that surrounds the Suites and to the Cretan culture and history, we recreated the apartments with emphasis on this particular landscape architecture and elements inspired from natural materials to provide suites with luxury, relaxation and total comfort. One two bedroom Suite, three Suites with private outdoor Jacuzzi and four suites with sea view and private balcony, include the element of water and serenity both for your sight and in the daily activities at Pignolia. The whole complex is located next to a swimming pool which offers moments of tranquility inside an environment with wide presence of water and natural planting that makes the exterior space more lively.

Live the Pignolia Suites experience by choosing the accommodation that inspires you and covers your needs.

Grand Suite with Outdoor Jacuzzi and sea view (Olea)

  • 60 m² / 640 ft² (ground floor)
  • 4-5 people

Deluxe Suite with Outdoor Jacuzzi & sea view (Lilium – Itea - Anemone)

  • 45-50 m² / 430 – 485 ft² (ground floor)
  • 2-3 people

Deluxe Suite with sea view

  • 45-50 m² / 430 – 485 ft² (first floor)
  • 2-3 people

Exclusive Suite with Sea View (Narcissus - Peonia)

  • 45-50 m² / 430 – 485 ft² (first floor)
  • 4 people