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The flora of Crete is at its best in Spring, after the rain showers of the early season. Crete really looks green, and hundreds of flowers, plants and herbs start to blossom. There are 130 species of wild flowers and herbs unique to Crete.

In Crete during spring and summertime you can smell herbs everywhere. The most famous herbs here are Cretan dittany, oregano, thyme, rosmary, sage, bay, lavender and mint.

Cretan herbs were primarily used as a potted plant or as an ornamental plant in garden borders. The flowers have been used in herbal teas, but the plant has no culinary value. As a medicinal plant, the herb has been utilized to heal wounds, soothe pain, cure snake bites, and ease childbirth. In addition, it has been used as a remedy against gastric or stomach ailments and rheumatism.

If you wish to witness cretan flora at its best contact us to offer you a unique experience.

Natural and herbal trip

Anatoli is placed in an open slope at the footprints of Dicti mountains. As such it combines the characteristics of a mountainous settlement along with a breathtaking view towards the Mediterranean sea. Despite its proximity to the sea, Anatoli's high altitude and location offers an outstanding climate for human living. Cool and dry conditions dominate throughout the year. As a result, despite the limited production of nuts, fruits, herbs and vegetables, the aforementioned agricultural products which are essential for the Cretan diet, possess rare aromas and an intense taste. The subtle human activities and the surrounding wild nature offer a unique environment for those few who seek tranquility along with traditional outdoor activities.