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Hiking in Pefki gorge

Starting outside the village of Pefki (Pefki = pines) we shall follow the dirt road to reach the small chapel of Estavromenos with its panoramic view to the southcoast and the Mediteranean Sea.

From the chapel we shall continue on an old mule track and passing throught the picturesque village of Pefki we shall continue through olive groves to reach one of the oldest watermills in the area. From the mill we shall enter into Pefki’s gorge following a pretty and picturesque route full  of pine trees, thyme, sage bushes and small water falls. We shall discover our spirit of adventure by negotiating with two steep drops climbing down two small metal laders (nothing techical!) We shall pass though Aspros Potamos (White River) village to end up at the south coast at Makrigiallos.