Pignolia Suites

Pilates Mat Sessions

Stay fit and forget about ditching your workout routine while on holiday. Work your muscles and boost your energy.

Pilates method is aimed at anyone who wants an integrated, personalized training, with a global vision of the body and mind, whether it is for athletes, beginners or rehabilitation.

Excellent addition to any other type of training, it allows to improve  physical condition and body awareness in case of rehabilitation.

Working simultaneously with strength, stretching and balance, it allows you to harmoniously develop your body, improve your physical condition and body awareness.

Discover the benefits of our individual Pilates classes. Improve your posture, tone your body and relax your mind at Pignolia Suites.

Pilates floor based exercises are performed with slow, controlled and precise movements.

These exercises are done in a controlled and focused manner to deepen the connection between your mind and your body.

Contact us for details and to arrange your private session.