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River Trekking in Sarakina Gorge

Sarakina gorge is a small but impressive gorge close to Mithi village on the south-east side of Dikti mountain range.

This narrow gorge has water almost all year round, offering a fun and refreshing activity during the summer months!

Our adventurous and refreshing day starts from Sarakina’s south entrance where we shall pass the small dam to reach its narrowest parts and the steep vertical walls of 150m height. In Sarakina we shall have the chance to scramble at places (easy climbs - nothing technical) and depending from the water level we shall need to walk into the riverbed or even to swim in the small ponds or under one of its beautiful waterfalls!

When the Kryopotamos river flattens and the vegetation starts we shall have a small break under the Plane and Pine trees. To return back, we shall retrace our pace to enjoy the gorge from a different angle.   


Equipment: Daypack, trekking shoes or sport shoes, (two pairs of shoes, one for the river trek) thick socks, t-shirt, short, swimming suit, towel, water bottle, hat, sun cream, sunglasses.  

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